About Us
The very first action taken to birth this company was made back in December 2019 almost a year later and we are open for business in November 2020, All it took was hardwork and persistence from a very creative and enterprising small team.

OnCampus as a company was built by students who wants change and growth in their community, that’s why One of our major mission as a company is to influence and grow and impact this community in all positive ways that we can.

As our founder Odunsi Adeyinka always say “OnCampus primary objective as company isn’t the amount of money it could make, it’s the amount of impact we can make in the student community”.

We would be making impacts in various ways, one of which is to help “studentpreneurs”. We are currently in a generation where the youths are very enterprising and majority of this youths are students, OnCampus will be providing a big platform for this “studentpreneurs” to sell there products and help them facilitate growth business wise and their entrepreneurship career wise.

Another way we’ll be making impact is help facilitate growth for students career wise, everyone can’t be an entrepreneur reason why OnCampus will only employ students from various departments in every university OnCampus has a branch in, this helps student get experience in their field of expertise and help facilitate growth in their various careers.

This isn’t where our story stops
It’s only goes up from here until it gets to its peak.

Sadly, Greatness doesn’t have a peak so the story of our greatness of impact in this community will go on and on until forever.

Thank you.